Enjoy this tour through a few of our custom quilts.


The slide shows on this page feature many of Gypsy Dreamer Quilts' projects over the last several years. The slide show below on the left features either original designs or quilts based on commercial patterns that were given a unique twist in color or design to make them one-of-a-kind. Some were made as class samples, others for personal use or gifting, and some were commissioned. The slide show at the right contains samples of free motion quilting details on either our own or customer quilts. All quilts were custom quilted by Liz at Gypsy Dreamer Quilts on a HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen sit-down machine using free motion designs and some ruler work.

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Three Artists in Bloom

Original design Hexified Panel Quilt pieced and quilted by Liz Granberg-Jerome made with seven repeats of a custom printed panel of Nancy M's oil painting that has as its backdrop a quilt made by Susan K. In essence, a quilt of a painting of a quilt.