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Mini Hexified Quilt Gallery

Using multi-block panels, kits are cut half width by the width of a single ~8-14" block to be used in the two-day workshops. For the one-day classes, multi-block panels with ~4-6" blocks are cut apart and entirely precut into mini-kits with a single block and one half-width of fabric strip cut into ~12 sets of six triangles ready to sew. Many minis and wall hangings have been made over the last several years as kits were pulled to use as demos for classes. Over time an increasing number of hexified panel wall hangings have been created and are now incorporated into Think Small for the Wall or can be presented as a separate trunk show all their own in Think Small for the Wall--Hexified.

These are a sampling of wall hangings and mini hexified panel demo quilts. Most were made from kits just like those sold at Liz's workshops and trunk shows, as well as online at her GDQ Etsy shop.

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